Through the lens: Madrid

I love taking photos. It’s a hobby of mine and I find it helps me appreciate my surroundings at a deeper level. Sometimes I feel creative, other times I get snap happy. This occasion was one of the later but there was so much to take in in this vibrant city!

I’m often asked if I get much of a chance to see the places I travel to for races. The answer is often “not as much if I was there for leisure” but I do try to soak up the experience, even if that only means looking out the taxi window on the way to the pool, or exploring while riding or running. On occasion I am lucky enough to have a late flight out the day after the race and this was one of those times. I’d never been to Madrid before and it did not disappoint! enjoy!

Tapas, tapas, tapas
Mercado de San Miguel

Wherever I go I seem to be attracted to parks and gardens
There’s so much to see in Madrid that I didn’t bother planning it out, I just caught a taxi to the other side of the city center and explored my way back again. Naturally, I ended up spending most of my time in Parque de El Retiro and Real Jardín Botánico chasing birds and flowers and fountains.

Watch it!
Walking on Turtles is slippery business

A taste of home
It shouldn’t, as Australia is full of plenty of exotic species, but it always surprises me spotting Australian natives around the world. A pleasant surprise and a warm reminder of home oh so far away!

I love European architecture. It always astounds me how much older many of buildings are than any back home!

The best spot to watch sunset in Marid – Templo De Debod
An Egyptian Temple donated to Spain in 1969. The temple itself was a disappointment, lacking the water for epic sunset reflections that google had promised me and with fluro vested security guards ruining the shot. Thankfully the sunset was on point and well worth the walk/run to make it in time from dinner which took much longer than anticipated (Spanish time!)


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